Document Generation

Document Generation

There is ever increasing pressure to improve the quality of the legal documentation to manage risk, managing non-standard clauses appropriately and ensuring appropriate internal authorisations for certain terms. This is balanced by the desire to reduce the cost of documenting these complex transactions and streamline processes. As a result, financial institutions are increasingly embracing document assembly / generation systems, allowing management to obtain key metrics and reports / management dashboards for the documentation process previously only available through very manual data collation exercises.

Document Generation

DocumentGenerationStreamlining the entire OTC derivatives legal documentation process – creation, negotiation and management of agreements. more…

Data Extraction

DataExtractionTrack, audit & analyse existing document data across document portfolios, automating granular data feeds with downstream consumers.more…

Digitising Contracts

DigitisingContractsConverting image scans of your documents to machine readable form using OCR technology.more…