Legal Tech

Harnessing the power of legal technology can enhance the way in-house legal teams deliver legal services and optimise business processes

Legal Tech solutions can streamline the document review process and extract key legal agreement data in a quick and efficient manner surpassing the manual review process traditionally performed by paralegals. The exponential growth in the volume of legal documents and contracts involved in the legal process has made it impractical to rely on traditional processes, which are susceptible to human error, time-consuming and most importantly costly to the end-client. The data contained within these documents is often not captured in an effective manner resulting in many business opportunities being lost through not understanding they key data contained within a firm’s document and contract portfolio. However, these opportunities can be realised through careful utilisation of LegalTech vendor solutions as such solutions can provide firms with greater visibility on data contained within their document and contract portfolio in a fast and efficient manner.

Many of D2LT’s Tier 1 banking clients beginning to embark on utilising LegalTech solutions, benefit from D2LT’s guidance as we are able to navigate and advise on the various solutions currently in the market. Our tech and vendor agnostic approach enables us to work with a number of different providers and through careful research and extensive product testing, we able to successfully align the correct LegalTech solution to our client’s needs and issues.

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