Data Governance – Legal Contract Data

Data governance is an important concept for any organisation that relies on data. It is a byword for a set of processes to ensure that data is properly managed and that designated people are accountable for the data so that it can be trusted and relied upon by users.

Lack of appropriate processes for controlling and storing data is problematic for any institution and the quality of data is inextricably linked to the ability to manage, monitor and evidence that robust processes are in place.

What we do

D2LT truly understands the importance of data governance. We have worked closely with clients in ensuring implementation and use of industry leading data governance processes.

We have extensive experience of conducting data governance ‘health checks’ for consumers of legal contract to identify data collateral, regulatory capital, and traded risk in order to identify data quality issues that impact current systems and processes and their stakeholders. With weaknesses identified, we will recommend to clients, techniques to enhance or optimise the data.