Development of a Legal Change Function

Legal departments are seen as enablers of business outcomes, providing advice to all areas of the firm in respect of maintaining commitments with clients, regulators and shareholders.

Now regarded as business partners, legal departments must integrate legal strategy throughout the firm, proactively working in concert with all the business areas to make legal expertise a competitive advantage.


At D2LT we assist general counsel to set up change management functions focused on keeping the legal department organisational structure, policies, procedures and one off initiatives aligned with the firm strategy and the ever changing regulatory landscape:

  • Working closely with general counsel and group change functions we have developed Target Operating Models to support the legal change function inherently designed around legal services optimisation;
  • Streamlining the negotiation and approval process for complex structured transactions;
  • Led the implementation and execution of major regulation requirements (e.g. Margin Reform, BRRD, MiFID II) and their integration into the existing legal procedures;
  • We have implemented robust escalation processes that allow legal departments to more accurately monitor types and volumes of enquiries coming from every area of the firm (e.g. front-office, negotiators), enabling a more effective use of the legal resources available through the de-duplication of similar requests and the creation of ‘self-service’ knowledge basis for the most common requests.