Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR)

The 2007-8 Financial Crisis was the catalyst for new EU Regulation published in November 2015 (link below) to improve transparency and monitoring of securities financing transactions (SFTs) and total return swaps (TRSs). The SFTR imposes new obligations on institutions operating in the traditional banking sector as well as in areas where bank-like credit intermediation known as ‘shadow banking’ takes place. This is yet another area where institutions have more reporting obligations and underlines the importance of being able to extract data accurately and efficiently.


D2LT is thoroughly versed in the requirements of the SFTR. We have been able to help clients understand the implications of the new Regulation and implement processes and systems to ensure compliance; avoiding the penalties that might otherwise ensure for any breaches.

Regulation (2015/2365) on transparency of securities financing transactions