On 4th October 2017, D2 Legal Technology was proud to be honoured in the Financial Times’ Innovative Lawyers awards, winning the ‘Data, Knowledge and Intelligence’ category, and being ranked ‘Standout’ in the ‘Collaboration’ category.

The FT awards represent the pinnacle of the industry; recognising innovation from leading firms around the globe and we are delighted to be amongst these.

2017 marks the second consecutive year in which D2 Legal Technology was given recognition in the Financial Times’ Innovative Lawyers Awards. In 2016, D2LT was ranked ‘Standout’ in the ‘Innovation in new Models’ category, while our founder & managing partner, Akber Datoo, was cited as one of EMEA’s 10 most innovative individuals in legal practice.

Now in its eleventh year of publication, the FT Innovative Lawyers Report has become one of the top legal rankings in Europe and the accompanying awards are widely regarded as the best researched in the market. Over the past decade, it has assessed legal innovation in over 50 different countries from over 400 of the best law firms and over 400 company in-house legal departments. Shortlists for the awards comprise the top ranked submissions in each section of the report. The FT and its research partner RSG Consulting have devised a unique methodology to rank lawyers on innovation. Law firms, in-house legal teams and other legal service organisations are invited to submit their innovations. These are then subjected to thorough research and analysis including robust client, independent, and expert references.

Each entry is scored for originality, rationale and impact. D2 Legal Technology was the outright winner, with the most points in the ‘Data, Knowledge and Intelligence’ category, and the second highest number of points in the ‘Collaboration’ category. Click here to view the full rankings.

Judges commented: “D2 Legal Technology has combined legal, data and technology expertise to conduct a full assessment of over 50,000 legal master agreements stored in different locations. This project involved reviewing contract lifecycles and processes, as well as how data are stored, managed and shared. Data analytics can then be applied to help the bank’s legal team interrogate the information it holds to better manage compliance and risk.”

The awards highlight our belief that the new digital agenda is about delivering business value and, critically, bringing legal teams out of their ivory towers and fundamentally into the business mix. In the lead article on FT.com on the awards, Akber argues that this needs not only the use of technology, but a critical examination of the business need, and the current processes used to try and meet that need.

The new model should be about using digitisation to become data driven, to add business context to legal activity.

To find out more about D2 Legal Technology’s work and how we can assist your business, please contact Akber Datoo, Managing Partner, akber@d2legaltech.com, Jason Pugh, Managing Director, jason.pugh@d2legaltech.com or Peter Newton, COO peter.newton@d2legaltech.com



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