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Through embracing the business value of legal agreement data, in-house legal departments can become enablers of business optimization and legal change.

The increasing demand for in-house legal departments to be seen as enablers of business outcomes has now meant that legal can no longer be disconnected from the business. Now regarded as business partners, legal departments must integrate legal strategy throughout the firm, proactively working in concert with all the business areas to make legal expertise a competitive advantage.

For legal to meet this demand from the business, there must be the efficient capture and management of key legal agreement data. At D2LT, we have extensive experience and expertise working with in-house General Counsels at unlock the business value of their legal data. With our blend of expertise in both legal and technology, we have helped many in-house Tier 1 and Tier 2 investment bank legal departments with issues relating to document storage and document generation.

This has then allowed for extraction of key data from contractual clauses relating to business processes involving collateral, regulatory capital and close-out netting. This efficient management and storage of legal agreement has also aided in remediation exercises to amend legacy contracts to account for regulatory changes such as LIBOR, Brexit, Margin Reform and QFC .

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