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More than incurring regulatory penalties, those who ignore data protection lose out on market trust and potential for growth from having clean data and a clear understanding of their processing activities.

Data – and personal data in particular – has been called the new oil, and we believe this is an apt metaphor: the less contaminants it contains, the more value can be derived from its successful processing.  In the case of personal data, contaminants are the uncertainty around the source of the data and what it can be legally used for.  We assist organisations to clean up their personal data and strategically optimise its value.

Personal data, its management and the current global data protection landscape touch on all aspects of organisations’ activities, across all lines of business as well as operations. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), reflected in UK law with the adoption of the Data Protection Act 2018, has specifically raised the bar for compliance with data protection across all industries and across borders. Significantly increased fines for infringement have created an active incentive for our clients to ensure compliance.

We assist organisations across a number of verticals with a wide range of data protection compliance projects, including assessments and remediation projects in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the EU e-Privacy regulatory framework.  We also conduct customised engagements on strategic structuring of operational processes, privacy-by-design consulting and structuring advice, and personal data database structuring and optimisation.

Our project methodology is based around identifying and creating a live map of the sources of personal data processed by the organisation, to its relevant internal and external processes. We focus on speaking to key stakeholders and reviewing internal and external the organisational policies, processes, other relevant governance and operational documentation, as well as third-party supplier and client contracts, and recommending practical remedial measures to close any identified gaps.

This approach enables us to structure and implement remediation measures for our clients that optimise the value that can be derived from the personal data and processes at the core of the remediation. Clean, controllable personal data and processing activities engender market trust, flexibility and increased potential for lawful use of the personal data already in the organisation – we assist clients reach these goals and uncover the full value hidden in that data.

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